CICADA / MIMS workshop on Numerics for Control and Simulation
June 17, 2009


This workshop is part of the CICADA / MIMS series of workshops taking place in MIMS throughout 2009.

Systems analysis and design procedures often require the efficient and reliable solution of linear or quadratic matrix equations. This can be seen in model reduction methods based on solutions of Lyapunov/Stein equations and algorithms in control theory (e.g., for linear-quadratic control or H-infinity control) based on the solution of Stein and/or Riccati equations.  For large-scale problems computing a full solution is not feasible and only approximate solutions of low-rank can be computed.  Remarkably, the structure of the overall problem often dictates that low-rank approximations to solutions of the matrix equations are sufficient.  The goals of this workshop are to examine the feasibility of using low-rank solutions in systems and control applications, discuss recent developments in algorithms for computing them, and review applications in model reduction and simulation of large scale systems.

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The workshop is sponsored by the London Mathematical Society (LMS), CICADA and MIMS.

Travel and subsistence support is available for 7 UK-based PhD students.
To request support please send your CV to Dr. Younes Chahlaoui by May 15; your email should specify the name of your PhD advisor and your host institution in the UK.

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