Dynamics: Vibration Reduction

A tuned-liquid-damper (TLD)

This demonstration compares free vibrations of two SDOF systems, one with and one without water, and shows the effect of a tuned liquid damper in reducing free vibration.

Fig. 18-6: Comparison of vibration with and without the Effect of liquid

A tuned-liquid-damper (TLD) is basically a tank of liquid that can be tuned to slosh at the same frequency as the structure to which it is attached.

Two circular tanks are attached to the top of two identical flexible frames as shown in Fig. 18-6. The tank on the right is filled with some coloured water. The effect of water sloshing on the vibration of the supporting structure can be demonstrated as follows:

  1. Displace the tops of the two frames laterally by similar amounts.
  2. Release the two frames simultaneously and observe free vibrations of the two frames. The amplitude of vibration of the frame on the right decays much more quickly than that of the frame on the left.

The difference is due to the water sloshing in the tank and dissipating the energy of the system.

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