Statics: Buckling

Prevention of lateral buckling of beams

Fig. 10-11: Additional supports provided to prevent lateral torsional buckling (Courtesy of Westok Ltd)

Fig. 10-11 shows a system where additional members are provided to prevent the lateral and torsional buckling of cantilever beams through reducing the beam length. Cellular beams are used as supporting structures for the cantilever roof of a grandstand. The lower parts of the beams are subjected to compressive forces, but the lateral supports from the roof cladding on the top of the beams may not be effective at preventing lateral and torsional buckling at the bottom parts of the beams, thus additional members are placed perpendicular to the beams.

Fig. 10-12: Members are provided to prevent the lateral buckling of arches

Fig. 10-12 shows the lateral supports provided to two arch bridges. The loads on the bridges are transmitted through mainly the compresison forces in arches to the supports of the arches. Thus lateral supports are provided to prevent any possible lateral buckling.