About the Website

The website can be reached through or the link on the home page of the Institution of Structural Engineers. The website is written like a recipe book. Most of the structural concepts presented in the website are independent and each section illustrates just one concept. Readers can start from anywhere of the website. All the concepts are presented in the same format and each of them consists of three parts:

Concept: A concept is presented concisely in one or two sentences and in a memorable manner where possible. In some sections key points, definitions or explanations, which may not exactly be concepts, are given.

Physical Models: Demonstration models are illustrated with photographs. Normally, two related models are provided to illustrate a concept and differences between the behaviour of the two models can help to improve understanding. Small-scale experiments are also included in some sections. Video clips for demonstrations of dynamic behaviour are not included at present.

Examples and Applications: Appropriate examples from everyday life and engineering practice have been selected to show how the concept is applied to real situations or solving problems and how the concept functions in design

The website has initially been developed for students, lecturers and graduate engineers in Civil and Structural Engineering. However the contents may also be useful to similar groups in Architecture, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

The advantages of putting our work into a website are that all concepts are illustrated in a systematic manner and they can be reached at a users convenience. The disadvantage is that the models can now only be seen with photos but cannot be touched.

The website created in April 2006 contained 14 chapters on Statics and 7 chapters on Dynamics, including 47 sets of models, 57 examples and 7 video clips. The updated website in January 2008 consists of 12 chapters on Statics and 7 chapters on Dynamics, including 57 sections of model demonstrations, 66 sections of practical examples and 12 video clips. In time other concepts, models and examples will gradually be added into the website and the presentation of some concepts will be refined.

We welcome students, lecturers and engineers to the website and will appreciate any comments and suggestions to us.