List of Examples


  1. Equilibrium

  2. Example 1: A barrier
    Example 2: A footbridge
    Example 3: An equilibrium kitchen scale
    Example 4: Magnetic float train
    Example 5: A dust tray

  3. Centre of Mass

  4. Example 1: Cranes on construction sites
    Example 2: The Eiffel Tower
    Example 3: A display unit
    Example 4: The Kio Towers

  5. Effect of Different Cross Sections

  6. Example 1: A steel framed building
    Example 2: A railway bridge:
    Example 3: I section members with holes (cellular beams and columns)

  7. Bending

  8. Example 1: Profiles of girders
    Example 2: Reducing bending moments using overhangs
    Example 3: Failure due to bending
    Example 4: Deformation of a staple due to bending

  9. Shear and Torsion

  10. Example 1: Composite section of a beam
    Example 2: Shear walls in a building
    Example 3: Opening a drinks bottle

  11. Stress Distribution

  12. Example 1: Flat shoes vs high-heel shoes
    Example 2: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

  13. Span and Deflection

  14. Example 1: Column supports
    Example 2: The Phenomenon of prop roots
    Example 3: Metal props used in structures

  15. Direct Force Path

  16. Example 1: Bracing systems of tall buildings
    Example 2: Bracing systems of scaffolding structures

  17. Smaller Internal Forces

  18. Example 1: Raleigh Arena
    Example 2: Zhejiang Dragon Sports Centre
    Example 3: A cable-stayed bridge
    Example 4: A floor structure experiencing excessive vibration

  19. Buckling

  20. Example 1: Buckling of bracing members
    Example 2: Buckling of a box girder
    Example 3: Prevention of lateral buckling of beams
    Example 4: Bistability of a slap band

  21. Prestress

  22. Example 1: A centrally post-tensioned column
    Example 2: An eccentrally post-tensioned beam
    Example 3: Spider's web
    Example 4: A cable-net roof

  23. Horizontal Movements of Structures Induced by Vertical Loads

  24. Example 1: A grandstand
    Example 2: A building floor
    Example 3: Rail bridges:


  1. Energy Exchange

  2. Example 1: Roller coasters
    Example 2: A torch without a battery

  3. Pendulum Systems

  4. Example 1: An inclined suspended wooden bridge in a playground
    Example 2: Seismic isolation of a floor
    Example 3: The Foucault pendulum

  5. Free Vibration

  6. Example 1: A musical box
    Example 2: Measurement of the fundamental natural frequency of a building through free vibration generated using vibrators
    Example 3: Measurement of the fundamental natural frequencies of a stack through vibration generated by the environment
    Example 4: The tension forces in the cables in the London Eye
    Example 5: A toilet seat-cover

  7. Resonance

  8. Example 1: The London Millennium Footbridge
    Example 2: Avoidance of resonance - design of structures used for pop concerts
    Example 3: Measurement of the resonance frequency of a building
    Example 4: An entertaining resonance phenomenon
    Example 5: Vibration of a hanging light

  9. Damping

  10. Example 1: Damping ratio obtained from free vibration tests
    Example 2: Damping ratio obtained from forced vibration tests
    Example 3: Reducing footbridge vibrations induced by walking
    Example 4: Reducing floor vibration induced by walking

  11. Vibration Reduction

  12. Example 1: Tyres used for vibration isolation
    Example 2: The London Eye
    Example 3: The London Millennium Footbridge

  13. Human Body Examples in Structural Vibration

  14. Example 1: The effect of stationary spectators on a grandstand
    Example 2: Calculation of the natural frequencies of a grandstand
    Example 3: Dynamic response of a structure used at pop concerts
    Example 4: Indirect measurement of the fundamental natural frequency of a standing person
    Example 5: Indirect measurement of the fundamental natural frequency of a chicken