List of Models

  1. Equilibrium

  2. Model 1: Action and Reaction Forces
    Model 2: Stable and unstable equilibrium
    Model 3: A plate-bottle system
    Model 4: A magnetic "float" model

  3. Centre of Mass

  4. Model 1: Determination of the centre of mass of a piece of cardboard of arbitrary shape
    Model 2: Determination of centre of mass and centroid of a body
    Model 3: Centre of mass of a body in a horizontal plane
    Model 4: Centre of mass of a body in a vertical plane
    Model 5: Centre of mass and stability
    Model 6: Centre of mass and motion
    Model 7: Centre of mass and centre of curvature

  5. Effect of Different Cross Sections

  6. Model 1: Two rectangular beams and an I-section beam
    Model 2: Lifting a book using a bookmark

  7. Bending

  8. Model 1: Assumptions in beam bending
    Model 2: A thin beam and a thick beam

  9. Shear and Torsion

  10. Model 1: Effect of torsion
    Model 2: Effect of shear stress
    Model 3: Effect of shear force
    Model 4: Open and closed sections subject to torsion with warping
    Model 5: Open and closed sections subject to torsion without warping
    Model 6: Shear centre of a thin-walled open section

  11. Stress Distribution

  12. Model 1: Balloons on nails
    Model 2: Uniform and non-uniform stress distributions
    Model 3: Stress concentration
    Model 4: The core of a section

  13. Span and Deflection

  14. Model 1: Effect of spans
    Model 2: Effect of boundary conditions
    Model 3: The bending moment at one fixed end of a beam
    Model 4: Lateral stiffness of vertical members

  15. Direct Force Path

  16. Model 1: Experimental Verification
    Model 2: Direct and zigzag force paths

  17. Smaller Internal Forces

  18. Model 1: A pair of rubber rings
    Model 2: Post-tensioned plastic beams

  19. Buckling

  20. Model 1: Buckling shapes of plastic columns
    Model 2: Buckling loads and boundary conditions
    Model 3: Lateral buckling of beams
    Model 4: Buckling of an empty aluminum can

  21. Prestress

  22. Model 1: Prestressed wooden blocks forming a beam and a column
    Model 2: A toy using prestressing

  23. Horizontal Movements of Structures Induced by Vertical Loads

  24. Model 1: A symmetric frame
    Model 2: An anti-symmetric frame
    Model 3: An asymmetric frame


  1. Energy Exchange

  2. Model 1: A moving wheel
    Model 2: Collision balls
    Model 3: Dropping a series of balls

  3. Pendulum Systems

  4. Model 1: Natural frequency of suspended systems
    Model 2: Effect of added masses
    Model 3: Static behaviour of an outward inclined suspended system

  5. Free Vibration

  6. Model 1: Free vibration of a pendulum system
    Model 2: Vibration decay and natural frequency
    Model 3: An overcritically-damped system
    Model 4: Mode shapes of a discrete model
    Model 5: Mode shapes of a continuous model
    Model 6: Tension force and natural frequency of a straight tension bar

  7. Resonance

  8. Model 1: Dynamic response of a SDOF system subject to harmonic support movements
    Model 2: Effect of resonance

  9. Damping

  10. Model 1: Observing the effect of damping in free vibrations
    Model 2: Hearing the effect of damping in free vibration

  11. Vibration Reduction

  12. Model 1: A tuned mass damper (TMD)
    Model 2: A tuned-liquid-damper (TLD)
    Model 3: Vibration isolation
    Model 4: A pendulum tuned-mass-damper

  13. Human Body Models in Structural Vibration

  14. Model 1: The body model of a standing person in the vertical direction
    Model 2: The body model of a standing person in the lateral directions